Recent Project

I received a grant from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie H2020 Fellowship program at the 2019 call. My 2 years fellowship took place in the CERTEC group of the Universitat Politecnica de Catlauna from October 2020 to October 2022. A specific website was dedicated for this project: .

Examples of some of my Research

in Remote Sensing

First Step for Grass Fuel Consumption Estimation from UAV

November 2017: Estimating Digital Surface Model from UAV borne visible images to calculate vegetation volume.

Collecting Data from Multiple Modis Overpasses

April 2015: Presentation of an algorithm which extracts from the MODIS archive several products from multiple overpasses of the same fire.

Savannah Fire in Kruger Nation Park (South Africa)

June 2014: Example of georeferenced thermal and visible images collected from a helicopter hovering above a prescribed burn.

Deforestation Fire in Brazil

September 2011: synchronized visible and Middle Infra Red cameras operated from a helicopter hovering above a prescribed burn of slashed trees representing typical deforestation activities.

Heather Fire Northumberland

March 2010: Example of georeferenced Middle Infra Red images from a small scale fire.

in Modelling

Fire-Atmosphere Coupled Models Simulation

June 2016: Large Eddy Simulation using ForeFire-MesoNH fire-atmosphere system for a 7ha prescribed burn with convective fluxes computed from overhead thermal images..

Parameterization of Wildfire Injection Plume Height

December 2015: Development of a fire plume model with inputs from remote sensing products for implementation in large scale chemistry transport model..

Contrail Simulation

May 2008: Numerical simulation of a condensation trail evolution and its interaction with the atmospheric turbulence.